Mar 31, 2024

Script to Compare Recent Git Branches

A few months back I was searching for a way to audit stale branches and ran across a really useful script on Stack Overflow. The script…

Jun 21, 2023

Let Us Dismantle the Artifice of Standup

For the uninitiated, "Standup" is a metaphoric title given to a daily team meeting where all attendees stand. The intent of this is to…

Apr 18, 2023

How to Generate a Calendar in Obsidian

I've been using Obsidian to manage my notes. It's an editor that allows you to write all your notes in Markdown format. I've been using two…

Feb 24, 2023Development

How to Get Your Capybara System Tests Running in a Docker Dev Container on Apple Silicon

A tale that relays my experiences getting Capybara system tests to run successfully in a dev-container on an Apple silicon based computer.

The Journey Begins At the end of last year my main work machine was upgraded to a MacBook Pro with an M1 Max processor. I quickly got to…

May 18, 2022Development

This RegEx Will Change How You Design With Tailwind

An exploration of how to utilize regular expressions to change the design of your website when using TailwindCSS.

Are you using TailwindCSS in you project? ... of course you are it's all the rage lately, and everyone’s using it. Need to change all the…

Sep 16, 2020Development

Case of the Missing Comma

We decode a mystery involving comma operators, property accessors, and a single missing character.

What The Javascript? Consider for a moment, the problematic code sample below that unexpectedly evaluates to : Exhibit A It's using or as…

May 21, 2020Development

How to Setup Windows for Development: An experiment in using WSL2

A developer's experience using Windows for Node and Ruby on Rails development.

When I first heard about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), I got excited. I hadn't used Windows for development in years. Configuring Node…

Mar 30, 2020Development

JSON API Phase 4: Ember

The fourth, and final entry of the JSON API tutorial series. In this phase we'll be creating an Ember app that will connect to the JSON API server.

Building an Ember App that connects to a JSON API server ○ Phase 1: Setting up your projects ○ Phase 2: Designing your API with Swagger and…

Mar 13, 2018Development

JSON API Phase 3: API Server

The second entry of the JSON API tutorial series. In this phase we will be implementing our JSON API server with Express.

UPDATED MAR 2020: Updated code samples to eliminate deprecation warnings for current version of Mongoose, fixed a test name, and adjusted…

Feb 28, 2018Development

JSON API Phase 2: API Design

The second entry of the JSON API tutorial series. In this phase we'll be designing our API and using Swagger

UPDATED MAR 2020: Updated indentation in YAML code. Designing your API with Swagger and JSON API Phase 1: Setting up your projects Phase…

Feb 19, 2018Development

JSON API Phase 1: Setup

The first entry of the JSON API tutorial series. In this phase we'll be setting up our api and client projects.

UPDATED MAR 2020: Updated versions of assumed software and the nvm install command, and moved some Swagger setup steps forward from part…

Feb 8, 2017Development

Webpack v2 Quick Start

We show how to hit the ground running with webpack and start your development with a basic configuration.

With Webpack 2.x out of the release client phase, we're here with a quick start guide to get your development project running. This guide…

Dec 6, 2016Development

Optimizing Your CI and WebPack Builds

We show how to optimize your ci and webpack builds with a few plugins and adjusting your configuration.

Recently, I was running into issues where the builds for a Node project were becoming painfully slow. Local development builds would take…